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MASTER MINN is a quality fresh noodles (500g) without eggs and suitable for vegans/vegetarians. They contain minimal oil and can be prepared in less than 10 seconds. They can be served as plain noodles with toppings of your choice, as a soup or as fried noodles. With Master Minn, you are the Master Chef!


Looking for noodles with a thinner texture and with an al dente feeling in the mouth? Maya is the one for you.

Maya noodles can be prepared as an Asian dish, a typical Mauritian dish with rougaille (red sauce) or as an Italian dish with Carbonara sauce.


Mona dried noodles are a must-have in your pantry. Preparing the all-time favourite dish of all Mauritians, the fried noodles, has never been easier with Mona.

Your fried noodles will never be a flop!


Our popular 500g packet of short-cut macaroni PANDA, is for those who want a quick 7-8 minutes cooking, topped with their favorite tomato or cheese sauce.


Our premium 500g pasta, Primas, is handy to keep in your pantry and ready to use when you wish to prepare a more elaborate dish when you have unexpected visitors.